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Data Retention Policies and Email Tracking

  • 17 June, 2024

Today we're releasing two significant enhancements to the AhaSend platform: Advanced Email Tracking and Customizable Message Data Retention Policies. These new features are designed to provide you with greater insights and control over their emails, aligning with industry best practices and compliance standards.

Advanced Email Tracking: Open and Click Insights

Understanding how your audience interacts with your emails is crucial for optimizing engagement and effectiveness. AhaSend’s enhanced Email Tracking now offers comprehensive insights with the following capabilities:

  • Open Tracking: Gain visibility into when your emails are opened. This feature utilizes a discreet tracking pixel inserted into HTML emails, providing real-time data on email opens.
  • Click Tracking: Monitor the performance of links within your emails. Each link is converted into a trackable URL, allowing you to monitor interactions and optimize your content based on user engagement.

While these tools offer deeper insights into user behavior, it's essential to consider privacy and the settings of your audience's email clients to ensure accurate tracking.

For more detailed guidance on getting started with Email Tracking, visit our help section here: Email Tracking Guide.

Customizable Message Data Retention Policies

In response to the need for flexible data management, we have introduced Customizable Message Data Retention Policies. This feature allows you to set specific data retention durations that comply with legal, privacy, and organizational requirements:

  • Default Retention: By default, AhaSend retains message data and metadata for 30 days. This setting supports general auditing and troubleshooting needs.
  • Customization Options: You can now adjust the retention periods for message data and metadata through account settings. For messages requiring specific handling, retention settings can be customized at the individual email level as well.

This feature is developed to ensure that your email communications are not only effective but also responsible, giving you peace of mind about compliance and data management.

Learn how to set up and manage your data retention policies by visiting: Data Retention Policies.

Why These Updates Matter

Why are we excited about these changes? Because they’re all about giving you more control and better insights. The more you know about how your emails perform, the better you can connect with your audience. And with customizable data retention, you stay in charge of your data landscape, ensuring you meet all regulations and internal policies.

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